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Week 1- Isle of Skye, Scotland

Week 2- Paris, France/ London, England

Week 3- Edinburgh/Glasgow, Scotland


( Studying in Europe makes for amazingggg spring breaks. Really, you should try it. )

The parents came for a wee visit at the end of March and we trekked it up to the Isle of Skye on the Northwest corner of the country. We made it through driving on the wrong side of the road for 8 hours without dying or running over any Highland sheep. Also, the Highlands are not so green this time of year, so it seemed a bit like driving through Scandinavia. Which I had no problem with whatsoever.

 We stayed in a bed and breakfast and I had my own room with my own bathtub and despite the 80 mph winds, it was absolutely gorgeous. I listened to BBC Radio 3 and wrote and drank tea and watched the rain from my window before going down for breakfast to homemade muesli and crepes.


Then the Morris family hopped on over to Paris. We saw and ate our way through the city, and then I met my lovely friend, Kelly at la gare de l’est and spent the next four days with her and her friend Jordan.

    We browsed bookshops, ate sandwiches in gardens and did Amelie things… Yes, I did have a coffee in the Cafe des Deux Moulins. (Do you not know me at all??) Paris was everything I’d ever imagined. After listening to Parisian cafe music cds and watching foreign films for the past 6 years, it was ALL that I’d hoped it would be. 

 Then we may or may not have hopped it over to London. That’s how we roll, us jetsetters. We minded the gap, many times. Saw the many royal parks and posh museums, hippie markets and grand parliaments. Drank lots of British tea and watched British comedies with British friends.


 For the last week of the holidays, we hit up my hometown, Edinburgh. I showed Kelly how to be Scottish: We spent an entire day outside in the parks because apparently, spring decided to come in full force while we were away… (I even got sunburned.) We read and wrote in cafes

and biked along canals in the Scottish countryside,

walked up hillsides for sunrise,

and cheered on our fellow Scots at a rugby match in Glasgow.  

 And did you hear about the Icelandic volcano that erupted?

All Western European flights are cancelled due to volcanic ash issues, therefore Kelly is stuck here with me for an extra four days. That’s ok. I don’t want her to go back to France. I am not upset at all. I am glad. Thank you Icelandic volcano for giving me an extra four days with my beautiful friend. Ma belle amie, Kelly. Who has just fallen asleep reading on my bed. It’s been good to spend the past few weeks with her. She makes me slow down. and be silent.  appreciate the sunshine, do jigs on the sides of cliffs and not be afraid to ride a bike down the royal mile on the left side of the road. Perhaps we’ll move to London together someday and order pains au chocolats in French, just to confuse people… and amuse ourselves.


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