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sushi party.





Don’t you wish you had a Japanese flatmate to invite you to homemade sushi parties? 


Mariko’s pretty much amazing. She also makes me earrings for my birthday, so really, it’s perfectly alright to be jealous.

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Since January, my classmates and I have been working on putting together a curated exhibition for our final postgraduate project. So voila!

“The past is a foreign country, they do things differently there.” – L.P. Hartley

We worked so unbelievably hard to formulate a coherent theme for this exhibition and then find relevant artists that would be able to bring our theme into fruition. Each of us had a different role we were in charge of: marketing, finance, gallery management, education, art design, etc. I was in charge of creative writing. My main contribution was our exhibition’s catalogue. I wrote 3 short stories illustrating our theme’s concept, which also became our audio tour of the gallery. Let me just say, when I first heard Rocca’s English accent and her friend’s Scottish articulation coating the words of my stories as they read them aloud, I got tears in my eyes.

The show opened Friday night and was a massive success. SO many people turned up- fellow students, showcased artists, our tutors, mothers, fathers, babies… There were times when I would just stand in a corner of the gallery and look around and above me at all the groups of people

talking and laughing together

leaning on the upper balcony railing quietly observing

interacting with the artworks.

I wish you were here in Edinburgh so I could show you around. I myself want to go in one day this week and spend a few hours in the space as I haven’t had the chance yet to have the full gallery viewing experience.

Now, I may be a wee bit bias, but this show is hella fantastic.

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"beacon", thomson & craighead, 2005

works by lorna macintyre and david raymond conroy


"dance, dance, dance", stuart david fallon, 2010

"musique d'ameublement", raydale dower, 2010

“fragment”, ailsa lochhead, 2010

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