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After 4 years, Budapest welcomed Claire and I back with a big, sunny Hungarian hug. With happy tears in our eyes we got on the metro from the airport in Budapest and soaked up the wonderful sound of the voice through the speakers telling us-  in Hungarian-  the names of the next stops. After dropping off our stuff at the hostel, the first thing we did was take the 4/6 tram to our old ‘hood, Blaha Lujza tér, and as we got off the tram it was like we had never left. We walked down to 16 Nyár útca where we felt an overwhelming urge to go up to our old apartment and snuggle up on our velvet couch to watch Euro VH1… if only we could’ve remembered the code to get in…

Although my tea house is now a sports bar (tragic), just about everything else is the same in our lovely city. My first meal was a gyro from the turk food restaurant window, and then Claire and I pretty much just ate our way through Budapest for the next three days. Csigas at the market, crepes in Buda, Hungarian wine and picnic on Margaret Island, paprikas csirke and gulyás leves at Kék Rózsa… we were never hungry in Hungary, let me just put it that way.

We are probably a little bias, having lived here 4 years ago for a semester, but we cannot think of a more beautiful city than Budapest. The history of its people, the architecture, the food… it’s all indescribably beautiful. And the best part of this trip was that it was so relaxing and comfortable. We knew how to get to everything, where everything was, and we felt so at home. And to top it off, Szabi and Jen, two people who were in our study abroad program with us in 2006, are living in Budapest at the moment and made the time to hang out with us for lunch and drinks Tuesday evening at the coolest bar around the corner from our old apartment that we never knew about but wish we had- Szimpla. The whole trip was perfect. Perfect weather which allowed Claire and I to wear dresses (without sweaters OR tights!) and delicious food for CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP and a lovely, nostalgic visit with old friends. Maybe no one else besides Claire and the other 2o people who studied with us that semester will ever be able to understand just how amazing this city is. But that’s alright I suppose. It’s a gem.

I’ve recently realized something. In being worried that going home would equate to me failing somehow, I’ve realized that ‘home’ is not just one place. I have homes in many places and in many people. The Woodlands is what I think of first when I think of home because I have lived here for 19 years. College Station is also my home where I learned to whoop and gig ’em. Edinburgh is another one of my homes, where I spent countless hours on cobblestone roads eatting curry and listening for the bagpipes. And in my recent trip back to Budapest, I’ve seen that city as my home as well. Four places. Each with memories and familiarity and comforts. So I have not failed in coming ‘home’. Whatever voice inside me that tells me this- is not making sense, so will henceforth be ignored. I have lived many places and done many things that not everyone gets the chance to do and so I am alright with this, with coming home. However, since this blog is about my life in Edinburgh, this will be the last entry. I dinnae ken when I’ll be back to Scotland, but from inside the Edinburgh airport yesterday I watched the city blanketed in clouds and rain and Claire concluded the city was crying for me leaving. I liked this, and so I think perhaps I’ll have to go back someday, just so that our last encounter did not end in tears.

Thank you for reading this! It was nice to have someone to share it with.


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